Making India a skillful nation with zero unemployment.


Becoming the benchmark for the employable mentoring.

Who are we?

Like rivers from all directions run long way bearing all hardships and meet into one sea with only one purpose ‘serving’.
TUM is like such sea which is blended with varied experiences, varied knowledge and varied skills. At TUM platform, every young fellow would groom himself to a bright future. TUM offers varied courses which make you competent in your field of choice.

Why are we different??

Before you enter any course with us, we analyse your skill set. With a team of expertise from all industries, we offer you a consultation which make your thoughts clear in identifying the right path for you.
We believe, ‘ If you choose a right path, you are 80% succeeded’.


In addition to offering technical course, our team of experts extend their hand to pull you out from the confusion box at the beginning of your career. They not only show you the path, but also teach you to fly high!!

Motivation during hard times, problem solving abilities, decision making capacities and the most important being emotionally stable at all times are the qualities that would be imbibed in you during the tenure of your course.

Our team helps you to remove mental blockages which restrict you from your growth. Our journey doesn’t end with the end of the course. We stay connected here after to provide you guidance and support to break your hurdles at your path. TUM shows you the easy and beautiful world.